Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moon Phase Tights DIY

Original Inspiration

Inspired by Actual Pain's Lunatics Leggings. Here's how I made mine for free:

  • Dark colored tights or leggings
  • White acrylic/fabric paint
  • Sponge
  • Newspapers

Print out a moon phases template, or draw your own. I have attached one on my Cut Out + Keep tutorial (below the difficulty bar); click to follow the link.

Cut out parts of the shapes to make stencils.

Fold a sheet of newspaper into thirds or fourths. This will go inside your tights/leggings.

If you want, try on your tights and mark the knees with tailor's chalk so you know where to position your stencils. Lay out some newspaper for your workspace. Then, put the newspaper you folded into the legs of the tights so that they lie flat.

Choose a moon phase and lay the stencil over your tights. Dip the sponge in the paint and dab the paint on the tights; this will create a realistic moon-like appearance.

Using the same stencil, repeat on the other leg.

Repeat with the other moon phase stencils.

When you are done, let it dry completely. Then, you can take the newspaper out.
 Thanks for reading my first blog post! Check out my other craft projects and tutorials at Cut Out + Keep.


  1. These are really cool! Great job for your first blog post. I hope you keep it going! :) I don't know if you posted this to craftgawker or not but that's a good way to get some flow to your blog. That's how I found you! Blog long and prosper. ;)

    1. Thanks for the support :) I will definitely be posting more soon!

  2. These are really cool! Wondering if you can wash them. Totally gonna try it.

    1. Yes, they are washable! I recommend using fabric paint, acrylic paint might not work as well.

  3. So clever!!

    I love the idea; and those moon phase stencils could be used anywhere! .... I would love to see them painted on a dark colored wall! I have been painting the moon in all its forms and so these are so perfect for me!

    Acrylic paint is permanent once it's set -- I've got the painting pants to prove it. I wouldn't reccommend washing the pants right away though.

  4. Very nice projects and blog! Write more often ;)
    Cheers from Croatia!


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